How to Properly Use Pet Pee Pick-Up

How to Properly Use Pet Pee Pick-Up

We’re excited to announce Pet Pee Pick-Up as a new and innovative product. It does exactly what you’d think. But unlike your average pet cleaner, Pet Pee Pick-Up is a powder that transforms your pet’s mess into a semi-solid state that can easily and safely be disposed of.

We love our pets, and they love us. But sometimes they can be a little messy. And the messes they create can carry all kinds of germs. But whether it’s vomit, urine, diarrhea, or even blood, Pet Pee Pick-Up quickly absorbs these messes and neutralizes the odor while sanitizing the area and creating a fresh aroma. You can’t beat that, right?



I’m going to explain to you just how easy it is to use Pet Pee Pick-Up.

First: We’ll simply take our container of Pet Pee Pick-Up and sprinkle the powder over the spill or mess. So easy, you won’t believe it!

Then: The liquid quickly transforms into a semi-solid state and we’re able to easily gather it up and dispose of it. What a relief!

And just like that, the mess is gone and the air smells fresh and clean. Thank goodness.

Bonus: The risk of infection is eliminated and, best of all, you can get back to playing with your pet. Remarkable, really.

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Pet Pee Pick-Up is perfect for use in a home, or in animal shelters, veterinary offices, zoos, pet friendly hotels, and restaurants. Why, you may wonder? Consider these three reasons:


  1. Time Saver: Whether at home or in a work environment, cleaning up a pet mess consumes a good portion of your day. If you have numerous pets, this piles up. Using Pet Pee Pick-Up minimizes the minutes it takes to wipe up animal liquids. A quick transformation into semi-solid matter means much less hassle for you.

  2. Hygienic: Containing germs and viruses within the jelled substance helps reduce the chance of infection. Anything that makes the work and home environment safer should be celebrated! Plus, holding in those contaminants in a fast and efficient manner. What more could you ask for?

  3. Freshens Air: Leaving you with a pleasant smell after the pet secretions must be worthy of use. If you’ve even had the lingering aromas of vomit or diarrhea, then you understand the importance of this particular Pet Pee Pick-Up feature. And if the mess happens when you start your day, this product can swiftly switch the tone for the remainder of your day and save your nose from unpleasant leftover odors.

Keep your day on track with Pet Pee Pick-Up: available here.

Pet Pee Pick-Up believes in sustaining and protecting our precious environment and is developed and manufactured with the highest quality standards and is biodegradable.



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