How to Clean up your Dog’s Waste Easily.

How to Clean up your Dog’s Waste Easily.

Meet Ace. Ace is a rescue dog who is 2 years old. Ace still has a little bit of a problem sometimes. Sigh! Mommy has to work, and take care of the kids and her husband; she’s very busy. Sometimes Ace has to sit at home for a long time before mommy gets home and he’s not happy about that..



The problem is that Ace has to use the potty sometimes and can’t hold it. YIKES. Now there is urine all over the hardwood floors. Mom comes home and has already had a long day, this just made her go over the edge. Now she has to clean this up, but she just realized she was out of paper towels… Good thing she has a bottle of Pet Pee Pick-Up handy.

The next day Ace realizes that he can hold it much much longer than the other day, especially because he knew how mad mommy was at him. He managed to go the whole day without an accident, but suddenly mom gets home..  And he now tinkled all over the floor filled with excitement. Ace gets so excited when mommy comes home.

Whether scenario one or two happens you will need Pet Pee Pick Up. Whether your pet is older or younger, they can still have accidents. Pet Pee Pick-up is brand new to the market and we are here to share more about it!

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Pet messes happen. Let clean up be a breeze. Keep toxins contained with this easy, hygienic cleaner.

A pet mess can be stressful. Pet Pee Pick-Up takes away the stress by eliminating the odor, making any residue nontoxic, and transforming liquids to a semi-solid state for a relatively simple disposal process.

Your relief will be palpable. Say good-bye to those moments you scrub, wash, and sanitize for hours on end. Say hello to your new little friend, and life saver! Free your time up to spend more time taking care of your four-legged pal. Spend those extra minutes in a happy space rather than a frazzled place trying to keep a spill from spreading.

All you need to arm yourself with to battle the bothersome secretion is a dustpan and a bottle of Pet Pee Pick-Up. Sprinkle powder sparingly over the spill, any pet fluid will be covered with no problem, and watch as the liquid changes in seconds before your eyes. This semi solid material can then be swept up and disposed of quickly, conveniently, and harmlessly.  The air smells better thanks to Pet Pee Pick Up.

No more getting up close and personal with potentially dangerous viruses and germs. This absorbent, yet non-toxic powder protects you and the environment. Fully biodegradable, our product won’t disappoint and provides the leg up you need during those pet mess troubles.


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