How to Clean up Your Dog’s Poop

How to Clean up Your Dog’s Poop

Perhaps you love your fur baby unconditionally and immensely, but picking up his poop and cleaning behind is still one of the few most unpleasant tasks that you will have to perform (repeatedly). However, it is a necessary evil that cannot be avoided as leaving the poop as it is could be harmful to the environment (apart from making your backyard dirty and stinky).

To make things easier for you, we have listed some a few simple steps that would help you clean up your dog’s poop.

  1. Invest in Dogie Bags: Keep a few small plastic bags stacked up and if you want to opt for eco-friendly options, then you can go for biodegradable bags. You can easily pick among the different categories of dog bags available at local pet shops.
  2. Hold the Bag Inside Out: To keep your hands away from getting dirty or infected, turn the bag inside out. You have to place your hand inside the bag (which is, in fact, its outer side) just like you would put on a glove.
  3. Pick Up the Poop: Grab the poop firmly from the ground using your bag-covered hand. It will be easier to pick up the poop if it is solid and not diarrhea-like. Also, keep in mind that you might need multiple bags depending on how long it has been since you last cleaned your yard.
  4. Turn the Bag Right Side Out: While still holding the poop in your hand, use the tips of your free hand to fold the sides of the bag around poop. Subsequently, turn it back to right side out so that your dog’s poop inside the bag.
  5. Tie It Up & Throw Away: Tie the bag tightly to ensure that it doesn’t open up while throwing it away because that would only result in transferring of infections from one place to another. Consequently, dispose it according to your city rules.

Now, in case your dog has diarrhea or you do not like the idea of carrying a bag with you everywhere, you can buy an easy-to-dispose dog poop cleaner. Pet Pee Pick-Up converts the liquid waste left by your dog into fragrant solids, thus making it easier for you to clean up.

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