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About Us

Clean Messy Pet Accidents With Pet Pee Pick-Up

We all want your pets to enjoy a clean, healthy lifestyle just like we do!

Now you have the perfect solution to provide your pet a clean, wholesome, and safe environment. Your pets can now enjoy playing, snoozing, or relaxing without causing you to worry about unclean and messy floors.

Any time your pet creates a mess… Relax! Don’t panic.

Just grab a handy shaker of Pet Pee Pick-Up and pour a small quantity over the mess. Then, in a few seconds, watch as the mess is absorbed and disposed of easily. The air is fresh and smells great again.

  • No more foul smells!
  • No more ugly mess!
  • Clean up is a breeze!

Go back to hugging and playing with your pet without any pet messes.

Pet Pee Pick-Up is an absorbent, non-toxic material that eliminates a whole lot of bacteria. It is fully biodegradable, and protects your pets and our precious environment. Pet Pee Pick-Up will not disappoint. You will be glad you made this investment to protect your loving pet.